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Seeking a Georg Baselitz Canvas up to US$ 1M Budget

3 July 2024

I am on the lookout for a stunning canvas by the renowned artist Georg Baselitz, with a budget of up to US$ 1 million. If you have or know of any available works by this extraordinary painter, please get in touch.

Georg Baselitz, born Hans-Georg Kern in 1938 in Deutschbaselitz, Germany, is a pioneering figure in contemporary art. Known for his bold and expressive style, Baselitz often explores themes of identity and history through his distinctive and often provocative works. His technique of invesrting images, a practice he began in the late 1960s, challenges viewers to see the world from a different perspective. Baselitz’s contributions to the art world have been celebrated globally, with his works featured in major museums and collections around the world.

If you have a piece by Georg Baselitz that fits within this budget, please don’t hesitate to contact us