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In Search of a Robert Rauschenberg Canvas: A Unique Opportunity

Robert Rauschenberg is celebrated as one of the most influential American artists of the 20th century, renowned for his groundbreaking work in the fields of painting, sculpture, and performance art….

22 May 2024 I Read More

Dive into the Enigmatic World of Olivier Lepront’s Captivating Seascape

Absolutely delighted with this exquisite painting we commissioned from the young and talented French artist Olivier Lepront (born 1998). This captivating painting captures the essence of tranquility amidst the vastness…

15 May 2024 I Read More

Seeking Original Picasso Drawings: Male or Female Portraits for Esteemed Asian Collector

We are on a quest for exceptional original Picasso drawings to satisfy the discerning tastes of our esteemed Asian collector. Specifically, we seek captivating male or female portrait pieces, void…

13 May 2024 I Read More

We are looking to buy Yayoi Kusama’s art works

We are looking to buy on behalf of a major Asian collector any good Artworks by  renowed artist Yayoi Kusama, should you have anything for sale please don’t hesitate to…

13 July 2017 I Read More

Explore the world of art with a professional Art Advisor, how to select the right one

Art has many forms; it comes in various shapes and sizes and exists in things big and small! Many people are attracted towards art; be it a personal hobby or…

16 January 2016 I Read More

Daniel Turriani Selection of the 10 most memorable London Gallery Shows of the Year

1. Danh Vo, “Homosapiens”, Marian Goodman January 15, 2015 – Febuary 21, 2015 Danh Vo a Vietnamese-born Danish artist presented his current exhibition, “Homosapiens,” at Marian Goodman London. Like many…

6 December 2015 I Read More